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Suillellus rubrosanguineus (Cheype) Blanco-Dios

Cap 60-150 mm in diameter; hemispherical, convex to flat-convex; grey, greyish-brown with pinkish tint to pink or purple; cuticle smooth, sometimes cracked.

Tubes yellow, orange to red, blueing when exposed to air. Pores yellow, orange to carmine red, blueing.

Stem 50-120 
× 30-50 mm; cylindrical to clavate; red to dark red, in the upper part yellow to orange red, covered with dark red reticulum.

Context compact, yellowish to sulphur-yellow, strongly blueing; taste mild, smell not significant.

Spore print olive-brown.

Spores 10-14,5 × 4-6 µm; fusoid; smooth.

Ecology: In coniferous forests under spruce and fir; calciphilous; critically endangered.

Edibility: Inedible.


 Kysucká vrchovina Upl., Zázrivá, "Havrania", coniferous forest (Picea, Abies), 16 July 2009, leg., det. and photo J. Červenka.