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Urnula craterium (Schwein.) Fr.

Apothecium cupulate to urniform with dentate margin, distinctly stipitate; 15 - 60 mm high and 15-40 mm broad; outside grey-brown, grey-violet to dark brown, delicately cracked; inside smooth, black, shiny. 

Stipe 10-80 mm long; greyish-black to black.

Spores 25-35 × 12-14 µm; smooth; ellipsoid; hyaline.

Spore print white.

Ecology: On dead wood of deciduous trees; early spring; rare.


Malé Karpaty Mts., Bratislava-Karlova Ves, on buried wood, 150 m alt., 11 March 2007, leg. et det. V. Kautman, photo J. Červenka.